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Blurry Photo Finder

Blurry Photo Finder was written to solve a problem that most of us have encountered at one time or another. You're at an important event or on vacation and you try to take a photo, but the memory on your phone is full. You don't have time to manually search through all of your photos looking for bad ones to delete. In a matter of seconds, BPF can scan through all of your photos to automatically locate blurry, and accidentally repeated (burst mode) images as well as accidental videos. What makes BPF special is its unique ability to scan hundreds of photos in a few seconds to automatically locate the ones you want to eliminate. With just a couple of taps, you can trust BPF to find and remove your unwanted media and get back to capturing the moment.

BPF uses a proprietary algorithm for quickly analyzing photos to determine the amount of blur. Certain cameras (e.g. iPod Touch) in low-light conditions will introduce tiny dot patterns of noise which will interfere with the blur algorithm determining that the photo is blurry. BPF may miss these types of blurry photos, but in most cases it will find them correctly. The code is designed to avoid false positives so that you don't have to go through each photo one by one.

BPF also supports the new 3D Touch gestures (Quick Actions and Peek/Pop).

Fast Image Viewer


View TIFF, JPEG, PNG, FAXes and more. Includes advanced features like show on map, rotate, crop, resize, save-as, set-as-wallpaper, share, export to PDF and more.

FIV is the only mobile image viewer that can easily open huge images such as engineering drawings, GIS scans and Well Logs. FIV includes unique technology for working with bitonal images that not only allows it to open huge images on resource-constrained devices, but accelerates the decompression and viewing. It also includes advanced "scale-to-gray" anti-aliasing technology which is so fast that it doesn't delay the repainting when the scale is changed.

Documentation available here: FIV Help

FIV supports the following file types:

TIFF - single or multiple pages (uncompressed, Packbits, LZW, JPEG (type 6 & 7), Modified Huffman, G31D, G32D, G4, Flate (ZIP), stripped, tiled, planar, chunky, all bit depths, RGB, CMYK, YCbCr)
BMP (Windows, OS/2, RLE)
DICOM (uncompressed, RLE, JPEG lossless, animated)
CALS type 1
JEDMICS C4 (US Military images)
GIF (animates in viewer and file browser)
FLI/FLC (animates in viewer and file browser)
PNG (animated, all bit depths and options)
JPEG (baseline, progressive, lossless, YCbCr, RGB, YCCK, CMYK)
Targa (uncompressed, RLE)
FAX Files: QuickLinks, Microsoft (AWD), WinFAX, BitFAX
PDF - Note: PDF support is limited to scanned images such as FAXes, not text or vector graphics. This is useful because FIV can view these images faster than any other viewers.

Fast Image Viewer is built using our own imaging technology. The code is written in portable C and is OS and CPU independent. The documentation is available here: PIL.DOC

If you would like to like to license the imaging library or purchase a site license to FIV, please contact us.

** NEW ** FIV Free is now available on iOS. Open images from any cloud file provider faster than anything else available.


FIV Free



FIV Free




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